[dev-context] missing stubs in latest release

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Aug 14 11:37:21 CEST 2007

Norbert Preining wrote:
> Hi Hans!
> I am packaging up the latest context release for Debian, and have some
> questions before releasing it:
> - luatools and mtxtools is missing from scripts/context/unix/stubs, is
>   this by intention or by error?

the problem is that some want stubs, some want symlinks ... if you like 
stubs more (my preference btw), then send me the ones as you like them 
and i will include them

> - the debian packages ship additional stubs for:
> 	pdftrimwhite  texfind  texshow
>   which are missing in the above dir, should/could/would you add them?

no real reason, texfind/texshow depend on tk as well, and pdftrimwhite 
is for karl (uses it for tugboat) and he know how to call it

> - besides an additional 
> 	Recommends: luatex
>   do you think that other changes to packaging is necessary? (Not that
>   you have to know the internals, this is only a question about some
>   major incompatibilities I didn't find on the Wiki...)

if texlua and texluac are available then no lua is needed; mkiv needs lm 
opentype and texgyre opentype (used as defaults) so maybe make sure that 
texgyre is installed

the biggest thing is the cache dir but the defaults should ok; if

luatools --verbose --generate
luatools --verbose --make --compile cont-en

works ok, then things should be ok; btw,

luatools --make --compile plain

should also work and gives a plain that can read from zip files and such 
(later i will add open type font support)

> - does it make sense to package it now or wait for some more iterations?

well, we need to start sometime i guess and since your work is the base 
for texlive best get things sorted out asap



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