[dev-context] [NTG-context] updated Ubuntu edgy texlive+context backports

Sanjoy Mahajan sanjoy at mrao.cam.ac.uk
Thu May 31 15:21:21 CEST 2007

> Can you give the location of your key

Sure, I just figured out how to do key stuff...

I've submitted it to hkp://subkeys.pgp.net and it is available from
there and other keyservers (search for 'sanjoy mahajan' or for the DSA
id 0x3FCDAAA3).  You can also get the ascii exported key here:


[For those just getting up to speed with secure apt (which includes
me), here is how to add a public key to apt's keyring:

  wget http://www.inference.phy.cam.ac.uk/sanjoy/sanjoy.asc -O - \
  | apt-key add -

Then apt-get can verify the signatures on the packages downloaded from
my web.mit.edu site (which I signed with the private key corresponding
to that public key).]


gpg DSA: 0x3FCDAAA3
gpg  fp: 9722 56B0 F787 12A9 164E  34B7 09C9 E543 3FCD AAA3

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