[dev-context] Some math improvements

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri May 25 19:46:32 CEST 2007

Aditya Mahajan wrote:
> Hi Hans and Taco,
> I am attaching the math enhancements that I have been promising for 
> about for some days^H^H^H^Hweeks now. Here are the changes.
> 1. Improved \llap, \rlap, \clap that work in both math and text mode 
> (Taco's code)
> 2. A \cramped macro to go into cramped mode (based on Knuth's code)
made even more cramped:

  {\begingroup % added HH, made even more cramped
      $\m at th#1\radical\zerocount{#2}$}%
          \fi \fi

> 3. \crampedllap \crampedrlap, \crampedclap for the equivalents to 
> \llap etc which typesets its contents in cramped mode (well, I kinda 
> figured that out on my own :)
> 4. An improved substack macro, with improved spacing. (Based on 
> amsmath's substack macro). Taco, does it make sense to surround 
> substack with a group, which will save some typing
> \sum_startsubstack whatever \stopsubstack or are there any side 
> effects? In the code, I do not have the extra group.
> 5. Definitions for iint, iiint, iiiint (for those who can't count i's 
> like me, you can use \repeatintegral{1}, \repeatintegral{2}, etc. 
> Maybe, we should have the more readable \doubleintegral, 
> \tripeintegral, \quadintegral also). This is based on amsmath code, 
> and tries to use correct spacing for \iint\limits_{....}. BTW, does 
> anyone wish that the limits with \int were configurable rather than 
> defaulting to \nolimits? amsmath provides this feature, but I have 
> personally never seen it being used. It is not too difficult to 
> implement.
> 6. A definition for splitfrac, which is useful for multi-line 
> fractions. Based on Michael Downes' code.
> ..... I also had something for \intertext, but realized that 
> \intertext does not honor indentations. I will look into that first, 
> before posting the code.
> Now, I need to do collect everthing for theorems. Hopefully, core-des 
> has not changed since I started working on it...
i wonder is this genfrac is ok ... dangling \zeropoint etc 

can you check m-newmath? 

maybe the few useful things in there can go to core-mat anyway 


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