[dev-context] [contexttest-Feature Requests][76] floats and indenting

Aditya Mahajan adityam at umich.edu
Fri Mar 2 21:14:13 CET 2007

>> Comment By: Aditya Mahajan (adityam)
> Date: 2007-03-02 15:12
> Message:
> Forgot to check the box to upload the file

The file is not posted to the mailing list :-( I am attaching it now.

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% Line:256 of page-flt
   \flushsidefloats % here !
     % this was \checkwaitingfloats spread all over
     % but which should be done before using box \floatbox
   \begingroup % **
   \dowithnextboxcontent % better a \the\everyfloattoks
      \postponenotes} % new
       \xdocompletefloat{#1}{#3}{#1}{#2}{#1}{#4}% ** not yet done
       % we need to carry over the par because of side floats
      \global\sidefloatdownshift \zeropoint
      \fi% better move this to side floats

% Line:2599 of page-flt
\def\sometopfloat [#1]{\someelsefloat[#1]}

% Test: Try with and without the patch


\setupfloat [figure] [indentnext=auto]


\section {Test}
\input knuth

\input tufte


\input tufte


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