[dev-context] [Fwd: Re: Debian Context Font problems]

Boguslaw Jackowski bop at bop.com.pl
Mon Feb 12 12:42:39 CET 2007


> Ok, I tried the following:
> \setupbodyfont[17pt]
> \stoptext

Thanks! Interesting...

And what about trying a trivial plain script:


\font\A=lmsy5  \font\a=ec-lmr5
\font\B=lmsy6  \font\b=ec-lmr6
\font\C=lmsy7  \font\c=ec-lmr7
\font\D=lmsy8  \font\d=ec-lmr8
\font\E=lmsy9  \font\e=ec-lmr9
\font\F=lmsy10 \font\f=ec-lmr10

\A \char120 \a 5\par
\B \char120 \b 6\par
\C \char120 \c 7\par
\D \char120 \d 8\par
\E \char120 \e 9\par
\F \char120 \f 10\par


You can also check various magnifications adding as the first line of 
the script




or something else.

All the best -- Jacko

Ps. The only guess that comes to my mind is that there may be something 
wrong with the global hinting (so called blue zones). But in order to 
check it thoroughly I need a better controlled example.

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