[dev-context] [Fwd: Re: Debian Context Font problems]

Mike Bird mgb-debian at yosemite.net
Sun Feb 11 06:12:46 CET 2007

On Saturday 10 February 2007 18:11, Norbert Preining wrote:
> On Sam, 10 Feb 2007, Boguslaw Jackowski wrote:
> > Someone else wrote:
> > >This looks suspiciously like a bug (aka optimization) in kpdf.

Not kpdf.  xpdf shows the same problems as kpdf when invoked with
"-t1lib no".  Looks like lmodern and freetype don't get along.

> > The glyphs (in lmsy5, lmsy6, lmsy7, lmsy8, lmsy9, and lmsy10) are built
> > properly, the relevant hinting scheme in all cases is trivial (no so
> > called hint replacement that sometimes may be a mischief). By the way,
> > does the same effect occur for other sizes of lmsy*?

I can't vouch for all font sizes but I first encountered the problem
at 14.7pt and then reproduced it at default font size for the test case.

--Mike Bird

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