[dev-context] Debian Context Font problems

Sanjoy Mahajan sanjoy at mrao.cam.ac.uk
Wed Feb 7 03:46:06 CET 2007

> Correction: looks OK in xpdf, looks bad in kpdf.

Same here: fine in xpdf, bad in kpdf.  Also it's fine in gs 8.50.  I'm
using Ubuntu/i386 with pdftex 1.40 and the Debian context packages (so

Not sure whether the difference between xpdf and kpdf means that it's
a kpdf bug or a bug in the generated pdf itself.  I'm leaning toward
its' being a problem with kpdf, since "two out of three free viewers
prefer" to display it correctly.

I just tried it on a nearby Mac OS 10.3 machine with its built-in
Preview viewer.  Preview complains that it cannot recognize the file
format!  As a check, I tried a bunch of other ConTeXt-produced
documents, including a 100-page math book, and Preview had no problem
with them.

So now I lean toward the PDF file as the problem, not kpdf.  Anyway,
why are kpdf and xpdf giving different views?  Isn't kpdf based on the
xpdf rendering code?


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