[dev-context] Improved support for Norwegian in ConTeXt

Hans F. Nordhaug Hans.F.Nordhaug at hiMolde.no
Mon Feb 5 08:46:25 CET 2007

* Mojca Miklavec <mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com> [2007-02-04]:
> I would suggest you to post some of the questions to the ntg-mailing
> list, where more Norwegian users can comment on it. When doing some
> changes, the 100% backward compatibility might need to be sacrificed a
> bit, bot some changes are worth doing so if others agree and if it's a
> contribution towards a better quality. (I CC-ed to two users who seem
> to have contributed or complained a bit ;)
> On 2/4/07, Karl Ove Hufthammer wrote:
> >I'm writing this to suggest improvements in ConTeXt's support for the
> >Norwegian languages. ConTeXt already has rudimentary support for Norwegian,
> >but with some problems.
> >
> >
> >Language codes
> >--------------
> >
> >The main problem is that ConTeXt use the language code 'no' for
> >Norwegian.  There actually *is* no written language called
> >'Norwegian'; Norway has two official written languages, Norwegian
> >Bokmål (ISO 639 language code 'nb') and Norwegian Nynorsk (ISO 639
> >language code 'nn'). The current definitions for 'no' in ConTeXt is
> >for Norwegian Bokmål. (There is a ISO 639 language code 'no' for
> >Norwegian, but this should usually be used for spoken Norwegian, or
> >perhaps for transcriptions of spoken language.)
> >
> >The language code 'no' should be removed, and be replaced by the
> >two language codes 'nb' and 'nn'.

I'm not actively using ConTeXt anymore, but I can confirm that there
should be no "no" code. We want "nb" and "nn" ;-) I think "no" should
be deprecated and giving a (useful) warning/error - telling people to
switch to "nb".

The rest of Karl Ove's comments/suggestions seems to be correct - he
normally knows what he talks about.

Best regards,
Hans Nordhaug

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