[dev-context] regression testing Makefile

Sanjoy Mahajan sanjoy at mrao.cam.ac.uk
Mon Feb 5 06:59:31 CET 2007

> a few unicode fonts are a problem (maybe
> > because I don't have them, but it makes texexec loop for a long time
> > doing mktextfm and the like).  More details to follow.
> >   
> ok, so we need to set up a procedure for that

Yeah, the mktexnam processes spawned by pdftex won't easily die.  In
the python wrapper to handle timeouts and large logfiles, I had to do
a bit of work: change the process group of the texexec process to a
new one, let its children inherit that pgrp, and then do killpg on the
whole bunch.  Without the process group trick, it's not easy to find
and kill the untamed processes.

By the way, a previous email had the list of troublesome files (in
terms of compliation, never mind the correctness!).

> > I'd be very surprised if the Makefile worked on anything but Linux (uses
> > features of bash + GNU make).
> >   
> once everything is in place we can look into that, for the moment using 
> linux only is ok

It might work on MacOS X, since it has bash and probably has GNU make
somewhere, perhaps as gmake (not sure if BSD make is similar enough to
GNU make).


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