[dev-context] \rm in pmod, bmod, etc

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Sat Feb 3 09:19:38 CET 2007

Aditya Mahajan wrote:
> Another one: Nath defines \stackrel and \underset. I think that these 
> should go to the core
> \def\stackrel#1#2{\mathrel{\mathop{#2}\limits^{#1}}}
> See the note below:
> \def\overset#1#2{\mathrel{\mathop{#2}\limits^{#1}}}
> \def\underset#1#2{\mathrel{\mathop{#2}\limits_{#1}}}
> amsmath.sty goes into a lot of pains to define overset and underset, 
> basically to decide whether to use mathrel or mathbin in the above. Do 
> we need such an elaborate definition? This is amsmath's definition:

Yes, I believe that is wise. Spacing around ords and bins and rels is
different, and \overset and \underset should not influence that spacing.

The \binrel@ macro is ugly, but the most efficient and robust way
of testing this is through trial typesetting. \binrel@ changes
the definition of \binrel@@ to be one of \mathbin, \mathrel, or
\relax, as needed.

So, better to put the ams definition in the core. Assuming I didn't
make any typos, it should look like this:

       {\thinmuskip 0mu
        \medmuskip -1mu
        \thickmuskip -1mu
        \kern -wd2
       \else \ifdim\wd0>\z@
       \fi\fi }%
    \@tempa  }

Best, taco

> \def\binrel@#1{\begingroup
>    \setboxz at h{\thinmuskip0mu
>      \medmuskip\m at ne mu\thickmuskip\@ne mu
>      \setbox\tw@\hbox{$#1\m at th$}\kern-\wd\tw@
>      ${}#1{}\m at th$}%
>    \edef\@tempa{\endgroup\let\noexpand\binrel@@
>      \ifdim\wdz@<\z@ \mathbin
>      \else\ifdim\wdz@>\z@ \mathrel
>      \else \relax\fi\fi}%
>    \@tempa
> }
> \newcommand{\overset}[2]{\binrel@{#2}%
>    \binrel@@{\mathop{\kern\z@#2}\limits^{#1}}}
> \newcommand{\underset}[2]{\binrel@{#2}%
>    \binrel@@{\mathop{\kern\z@#2}\limits_{#1}}}
> Aditya
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