[dev-context] new MyWay about \sometxt

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 01:50:07 CET 2007


instead of checking the problems with MyWay about database module, I
created another unfinished piece about \sometxt (as promised already
long ago):


\sometxt{...} should be used instead of textext("...") in metafun
graphics whenever possible, since it's much more efficient. An average
user shouldn't care about much more than that. The MyWay is devoted to
the curious ones. I hope that I included all the major ideas which
Hans implemented in Summer/Autumn 2006 on my request. Although not all
of them are documented well enough, I tried to mention them at least.

The document is full of mistakes and badly formulated sentences (I
should start reading more English literature instead of mailing lists
and articles ;). I wellcome any suggestions for improving it. Thanks
to Hans van der Meer who provided me the first feedback ;)

Just two questions left for Hans H. (Hans v. d. M. has brought up
exactly the same questions as I had a while ago):

1.) wouldn't it make sense to use
as the default value? I don't see any advantages of setting it to
"one" (but I might have overseen something). Can you please take a
look at page 4 of the above listed MyWay and tell me if I forgot

2.) Why does \textext still rely on its older brother textext(...),
when it could be a synonym for \sometxt{...} instead? I really don't
see any advantage of \textext{...} over \sometxt{...}. \textext{...}
canonot be used for concatenating strings or creating dynamic labels
either. It's just a picture, just as \sometxt ... And it would
probably also be more straightforward to explain to metafun users that
textext("...") should now be \textext{...} instead of trying to
explain them that it's best to use some completely new command.

Thanks a lot,

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