[dev-context] Fix for Footnote Reference problem

Mike Bird mgb-debian at yosemite.net
Thu Jan 25 19:03:12 CET 2007

On Thursday 25 January 2007 00:35, Taco Hoekwater wrote:
> Hans and I have been looking at your patch, but unfortunately it
> can not be incorporated in the distribution as-is. The problem is
> that some references need to be written inside the output routine,
> that being the only place were the actual page number is known.
> Think about references in floats, for example.
> The bit of code you have modified is unlikely to change soon, so
> you could probably keep using your local patches (or better:
> redefinitions of the macros within cont-loc.tex) without much
> problems.

I wonder whether it would be beneficial to include all of the patches
except the immediate write?  That would appear to solve most problems
except some cases of \somewhere to a reference on the same page.  Most
\somewhere's refer to distant references.  Fixing the off-by-one and
off-by-a-factor-of-two errors would help enormously.

Is there a way to make the immediate write conditional on not floating?

> Hans proposed that a definitive solution would be to always add
> position information to the references, but that will take a fair
> bit of work, so it is on a "todo, but not quite now" list.


--Mike Bird

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