[dev-context] Fix for Footnote Reference problem

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Thu Jan 25 09:35:58 CET 2007

Hi Mike,

Mike Bird wrote:
> Here are a number of repaired functions (and one repaired variable)
> which together fix the problem of footnote references getting out
> of step between phases resulting in bogus results from \somewhere.

Hans and I have been looking at your patch, but unfortunately it
can not be incorporated in the distribution as-is. The problem is
that some references need to be written inside the output routine,
that being the only place were the actual page number is known.
Think about references in floats, for example.

The bit of code you have modified is unlikely to change soon, so
you could probably keep using your local patches (or better: 
redefinitions of the macros within cont-loc.tex) without much

Hans proposed that a definitive solution would be to always add
position information to the references, but that will take a fair
bit of work, so it is on a "todo, but not quite now" list.

Greetings Taco

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