[dev-context] New Debian packages

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Tue Jan 23 20:05:37 CET 2007

Hi all! Hi Florent!

I have uploaded new context packages 2007.01.23-1 BUT ONLY TO THE
tug.org server!! Not to Debian till now.

Why? I am a bit nervous with respect to this change in 2007.01.18:
	Switch to latin modern math fonts. If this gives you trouble,
	you have to update your latin modern font package, see CTAN
Well. This is bad. Simply bad. Without backward compatibility I will not
upload this to Debian. I cannot, because Debian currently has the
lmodern fonts 1.foobar, but without the math fonts.

I don't know whether Florent is planning to do an upload of lmodern with
the new math fonts included (Florent?).

So to be more specific: Is this an *absolute* dependency, ie setting
math in context now *only* works with the lmodern math fonts installed?

If yes, then sorry for the Debian using guys, but you have to wait until
we have the new lmodern in Debian.

Best wishes


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