[dev-context] Fix for Footnote Reference problem

Mike Bird mgb-debian at yosemite.net
Sun Jan 21 20:08:11 CET 2007

Hi Taco,

On Saturday 20 January 2007 21:51, Mike Bird wrote:
> The only downside that I have noticed is that two column footnotes
> are now less well balanced.

This was caused by a typo.  I had accidently removed the newline
after '% experiment' which had the effect or disabling the
'\penalty\notepenalty' on the next line.

On Sunday 21 January 2007 01:53, Taco Hoekwater wrote:
> Do you happen to have these changes as a diff file or a patched
> core-not.tex, by any chance? I want to compare stuff, and either
> of those formats would be a bit easier on me.

Attached now is a diff against the original ConTeXt 2007-01-12
and with the afore-mentioned typo corrected.

--Mike Bird
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