[dev-context] Fix for Footnote Reference problem

Mike Bird mgb-debian at yosemite.net
Sun Jan 21 06:51:58 CET 2007

Here are a number of repaired functions (and one repaired variable)
which together fix the problem of footnote references getting out
of step between phases resulting in bogus results from \somewhere.

The repairs were made in ConTeXt 2007-01-12.  Each repaired function
is preceded by a comment explaining the reason for the repair.

The repaired functions are followed by a test which generates three
pages of output covering many test cases.

Additionally, I have tested these repairs on a 50 page document with
185 footnotes.  All of the \somewhere's were fixed by these repairs.

The only downside that I have noticed is that two column footnotes
are now less well balanced.  If anyone has any thoughts as to why
this might be happening or how to fix it please let me know.  I'm
just a few days from deadline!


--Mike Bird
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