[dev-context] lm

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Wed Jan 17 14:26:48 CET 2007

Hans Hagen wrote:
> There is a new release of lm
> ....
> we have prepared new releases of LMs and TGs. At the moment we put
> them in non-public directories:
>    http://bop.eps.gda.pl/0lm101-wrk/
> and
>    http://bop.eps.gda.pl/0tg-wrk/
> for a "quarantine". We hope that only tiny details may need
> correcting, but...
> can someone more familiar with math (guess who) take a look at it and see if we can switch from cm math to lm math? 

I've been comparing a few of the tfm files with their
CM counterparts, because that is something I am used to

 From the computer modern set:

lmex10.tfm  % identical
lmmi5.tfm   % identical
lmmi6.tfm   % identical
lmmi7.tfm   % identical
lmmi8.tfm   % identical
lmmi9.tfm   % identical
lmmi10.tfm  % identical
lmmi12.tfm  % identical
lmmib10.tfm % identical
lmsy5.tfm   % extra chars: 254,255 (octal)
lmsy6.tfm   % extra chars: 254,255 (octal)
lmsy7.tfm   % extra chars: 254,255 (octal)
lmsy8.tfm   % extra chars: 254,255 (octal)
lmsy9.tfm   % extra chars: 254,255 (octal)
lmsy10.tfm  % extra chars: 254,255 (octal)
lmbsy10.tfm % extra chars: 254,255 (octal)

 From the 'AMS' set:

lmmib5.tfm  % identical
lmmib7.tfm  % identical
lmbsy5.tfm  % extra chars: 254,255 (octal)
lmbsy7.tfm  % extra chars: 254,255 (octal)

The two extra characters are:


There are no lmbsy9,8 etc., so changing the mappings in
type-enc has to be done with a bit of care, but besides
that I see no problem in the metrics.

Best, Taco

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