[dev-context] [NTG-context] ConTeXt 2007.01.12 problem

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Sat Jan 13 15:34:53 CET 2007

Sanjoy Mahajan wrote:
>>that test should go into the test repos 
> I've committed it to the contexttest repo as
> tex/context/base/supp-mis.tex/test-001.tex
> By the way, in dvi mode the file fails unless "mpprocset:=0;" is put in the
> \startMPpositiongraphic.  Here's the error msg:
>   $ texexec --dvi --nonstopmode tex/context/base/supp-mis.tex/test-001.tex
>   // on "TeX run 2"
>   ...
>   [MP as EPS ./to-dvi-mpgraph.4000] [MP color conversion ./to-dvi-mpgraph.4000
>   ! Argument of \dodohandleMPcolor has an extra }.
>   <inserted text> 
> 		  \par 
>   <to be read again> 
> 		     }
>   \includeMPasEPS ...\the \!!heightb }\doinsertfile 
> 						    }\wd \scratchbox \!!widt..
> Taco had diagnosed this as due to ConTeXt not handling the new mpost
> procsets (hence the mpprocset := 0;).  Not sure why that lack doesn't
> hurt the run in pdf mode, but perhaps Taco or Hans understand the
> reson.  The test file that I committed does not have the mpprocset:=0,
> so it can be used to test for mpprocset handling in dvi mode.

It is a different set of macros. The macros that are used in dvi
mode do not convert to pdf, but only convert colorspaces to other 

I know what is causing it, just not how to fix.

Best, Taco

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