[dev-context] TeXLive 2006

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Dec 11 10:35:42 CET 2006

Idris Samawi Hamid wrote:
> as completely separate systems with no overlap or clashes. There is still  
> some overlap now (which gives the illusion of symbiosis) but in my view  
the only overlap is in using some fonts and even that will go away as 
soon as luatex is out (and we can use gyre fonts and don't need any tfm 
files etc any more); actually, i think that the landscape will change 
drastically when luatex is used to its full power; although most of the 
code i write for that purpose is generic, i have no plans to call it 
generic (or put it under a generic tree) ... live is too short
> the sooner ConTeXt becomes its own the better. There will always be  
> cooperation at the engine level but lets sharply distinguish the TeX  
> engine, LaTeX, and ConTeXt. There should be eg. an agnostic common TeX  
> engine, a LaTeXLive, and a ConTeXtLive.
hm, it's not that bad, and in principle tds permits sepeartions, but in 
practice granularity is added when it's too late (i.e. we can only break 
downward compatibility then, e.g. scripts, map, enc, mp etc paths all 
started out pretty flat and in  less structured  places); 
> I don't want to see Hans and Taco wasting time with a non-working  
> symbiosis. We have too many things that need to get done.
well, with luatex we aim at a texmf-context.zip file and since we have 
completely independent file io handling, i don't expect  that many problems;


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