[dev-context] Incorporating math ligatures in ConTeXt

Aditya Mahajan adityam at umich.edu
Sun Dec 3 07:06:51 CET 2006

Hi Hans and Taco,

I recently came across mathlig.tex 
which allows one to write

\mathlig {->} {\rightarrow}

and then in math mode -> will be equal to \rightarrow so one can just 

$A -> B$

I really like this since one does not need to remeber the names of all 
those operators (>> << >= =< != !< !<= !>= -> => <- <= := ::= ) and 
the source looks easier to read.

The marcos are in plain tex and work with ConTeXt. Do you think that 
this can be incorporated in ConTeXt as a separate module.

This file is way beyond my understanding of TeX. Some parts are easy, 
but I just keep staring at definitions like


without understanding what it means.

If you guys get tired of writing lua code, can you have a look into 
this and see if this can be added to ConTeXt.


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