[dev-context] texexec buglets

Sanjoy Mahajan sanjoy at mrao.cam.ac.uk
Sat Dec 2 03:16:02 CET 2006

A couple (ruby) texexec buglets:

* --ps doesn't work with --listing :

  $ texexec --ps --listing a.txt

  produces texexec.dvi and claims to produce texexec.ps (it runs dvips) but
  texexec.ps is nowhere to be found.  

  $ texexec --listing a.txt

  works fine (produces texexec.pdf)

  This is with texexec 6.2.0 (context 2006.11.22).

* lingering use of --output=

  tex.rb, line 1562 has

		  options.push("--output=ps") # options.push("--dvi")

  but --output=ps has no effect in ruby texexec.  Should it be --ps or
  --dvips passed to options.push ?

  line 1557 has:


  For clarity, should that be disambiguated to --nompmode (otherwise it
  could conflict, if only in the reader's mind, with --nomprun).


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