[dev-context] texexec --scale=2 buglet (PATCH)

Sanjoy Mahajan sanjoy at mrao.cam.ac.uk
Wed Nov 29 05:33:26 CET 2006

In documenting as many texexec switches as I can find, I ran across this

$ texexec --pages=1 --pdfcopy --scale=2 xyz.pdf
! Number too big.
\@@efscale ->2222222222

The culprit is line 431 of texexec.rb (v6.2.0):

                    scale = (scale * 1000).to_i if scale.to_i < 10

where the (scale * 1000) should be (scale.to_i * 1000), otherwise ruby
is doing like Python: with scale as a string, the * 1000 replicates it
1000 times!

While looking at the code, I wondered about the next few lines:

                            f <<  "\\definepapersize\n"
                            f <<  "  [copy]\n"
                            f <<  "  [width=\\figurewidth,\n"
                            f <<  "   height=\\figureheight]\n"

Shouldn't the width be \\figurewidth * (scale/1000), and the same idea
for height?  Otherwise scale=2000 will expand the figures beyond the
page size.


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