[dev-context] Bug in ruby register code?

Duncan Hothersall dh at capdm.com
Fri Oct 13 16:17:58 CEST 2006

Duncan Hothersall (12/10/2006 16:08) said:
> Seems to be a bug in the ruby code that works properly in the perl. Try:
> ----
> \starttext
> \index{Knuth}\input knuth \par
> \seeindex{Knuth}{Tufte}\input tufte \par
> \blank\placeindex
> \stoptext
> ----
> With the perl scripts it's right:
> Knuth 1
>   see Tufte
> but with the new ruby scripts it's wrong:
> Knuth
>   see Tufte, 1

As a non-Ruby person I've spent a while trying to work out where the
problem might be but it's tough going. I need to do an index with this
feature on Sun/Mon if poss, so if anyone is able to point me in the
right direction that would be great.


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