[dev-context] \maxnofMPgraphics = 8000 and beginners manual

Vit Zyka vit.zyka at seznam.cz
Fri Sep 1 14:07:23 CEST 2006

Hans Hagen wrote:
> Vit Zyka wrote:
>> Hi Hans,
>> compiling beginners manual (ma-cb-cz) I had to increase
>>   \maxnofMPgraphics = 8000
>> in meta-ini.tex and refresh format.
>> I tried not to have special format for this manual and gave this 
>> redefinition to ma-cb-style.tex. But graphics were spoiled on the 
>> first two pages. Is there some way how to bypass a spacial format?

> you don't need a special format, just set that variable someplace in 
> your style or at the top of your document

Hmmm, I tried this but it broke graphic on the first and the second page.

>> The manual (screen mode) has even number of pages. So the last one is 
>> added the total number to be odd. But on this last (empty) page the 
>> graphic is spoiled, see attch. What is wrong?
> dunno, maybe some grouping problem? best post the source some place 
> (which reminds me that we should set up a repos at our server here) ... 
> will do

As Taco already said, it is on


There are even more problems with the manual. Some \shortsetup{...} are 
missing in cont-ex.xml (e.g. startframedtext). I can prepare the list of 

When reading cont-ex.xml, every entry writes to log the next warning
check           : eachtexcommand stp:x:installlanguage replaces a macro, 
use CA
check           : texcommand stp:y:installlanguage replaces a macro, use 
check           : eachtexcommand stp:x:setuplanguage replaces a macro, 
use CAPI

What is wrong?


>> The manual translation went ahead during summer, more then half 
>> chapters are done.
> good!
> Hans
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