[dev-context] Context 2006.08.04 release, todo & wishlist

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Mon Aug 7 12:11:34 CEST 2006


Here is a compilation of still unresolved issues from the past two
weeks or so (i have not looked at the collector yet, there could
be some more stuff in there)

Renaud AUBIN wrote:
> Hi,
> A suggestion for the next release:
   [Demibold fix snipped]

Also pending but no work by Hans needed:

   * yesterdays metapost color fix

   * the extension to toc processing for hyphenation

   * the new cow font release (awaits a new metric file)

   * some core-mat extensions (from me)

   * It would be nice if this was in the core:


Bugs that should be fixed/fixable:

   * \setuppagenumbering[alternative=doublesided]
     interferes with \startbodymatter ... \stopbodymatter,
     resulting in an odd number of total pages.

   * the \setupcaptions stopper|separator|floatcaptionsuffix problem

   * grid initialization needs
       \displaywidowpenalty0  \brokenpenalty0
     (I know it didn't fix David's bug, but it is needed anyway)

   * David Arnold's 'No page break'

   * The utf-8 problem in m-database

And on the request list:

   * a feature like \page[right,empty] would be nice:

     "go to the right page, and if there is an empty page,
      remove its header and footer."

     even better would be a way to set up these generated
     pages separately (including possible contents like
     "intentionally left blank" and overlays, footers, etc.)

   * a way to flag files to be deleted (by writing a command
     to the tui perhaps)?

   * A hook that flags if we are in the middle of the expansion
     call of a \marks item (a bit like \trialtypesetting)

   * using %COMSPEC% instead of direct call code cmd.exe in

   * a setuptex batch file for win86 (NOP, from Wolfgang?)

   * an interface to the new register page folding

   * predefined metafun versions over overbar, underbar, strikethrough
     would be nice to have.


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