[dev-context] supp-pdf commented in context.tex

Duncan Hothersall dh at capdm.com
Mon Jul 31 17:17:02 CEST 2006

Hans Hagen (31/07/2006 16:09) said:
> Duncan Hothersall wrote:
>> On line 130 in context.tex, \input supp-pdf.tex has been commented out.
>> I assume this is because its functionality has been superseded by
>> something else (pdfetex extensions?) In any case, I have no problems
> no, moved to meta-pdf so that (1) we can make it more context optimized
> and (2) freeze supp-pdf because it's used in other packages
>> when running pdfetex jobs, but: running jobs with the aleph engine this
>> ommission causes errors:
>> ! Undefined control sequence.
>> \dogetfiguresizepdf ...3#4#5#6->\dogetPDFmediabox
> ah, interesting that it did for for so lang (pdf file parsing); what
> driver do you load for aleph? the dvipdfmx one?

I'm not specifying it on the commandline having spotted in texexec:

elsif @commandline.oneof('aleph') then

so I just process with --aleph now.


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