[dev-context] cont-xx.xml translating

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Jul 20 20:14:44 CEST 2006

Ark Shraer wrote:
> Hello,
> I'd like to start translate cont-en.xml and keys-en.xml into russian.
> I looked at other translations and in the mailing list archives but it
> still unclear for me what to translate in these files?

if you want an russian user interface, they you need to extend the 
tables in mult-con.tex and mult-com.tex

but since you want messages only you need to make message tables:

 >grep "startmessages.*english" *.tex
colo-ini.tex:\startmessages  english  library: colors
core-buf.tex:\startmessages  english  library: textblocks
core-dat.tex:\startmessages  english  library: databases
core-fig.tex:\startmessages  english  library: figures
core-fil.tex:\startmessages  english  library: files
core-int.tex:\startmessages  english  library: interactions
core-int.tex:\startmessages  english  library: versions
core-itm.tex:\startmessages  english  library: layouts
core-mis.tex:% \startmessages  english  library: systems
core-mis.tex:\startmessages  english  library: systems
core-obj.tex:\startmessages  english  library: references
core-ref.tex:\startmessages  english  library: references
core-sec.tex:\startmessages  english  library: structures
core-ver.tex:\startmessages  english  library: verbatims
docs-bri.tex:\startmessages  english  library: documents
docs-she.tex:\startmessages  english  library: documents
enco-ini.tex:\startmessages  english  library: encodings
filt-ini.tex:\startmessages  english  library: filters
font-ini.tex:\startmessages  english  library: fonts
font-uni.tex:\startmessages  english  library: fonts
hand-ini.tex:\startmessages  english  library: handlings
java-ini.tex:\startmessages  english  library: javascript
keep-02a.tex:\startmessages  english  library: addresses
lang-ini.tex:\startmessages  english  library: linguals
m-units.tex:\startmessages  english  library: units
meta-ini.tex:\startmessages  english  library: metapost
mult-ini.tex:%D \startmessages  english  library: alfa
mult-ini.tex:%D \startmessages  english  library: alfa
mult-sys.tex:\startmessages  english library: check
page-bck.tex:\startmessages  english  library: layouts
page-flt.tex:\startmessages  english  library: floatblocks
page-ini.tex:\startmessages  english  library: systems
page-ini.tex:\startmessages  english  library: layouts
page-ini.tex:\startmessages  english  library: columns
page-log.tex:\startmessages  english  library: layouts
plus-fig.tex:\startmessages  english  library: floatblocks
prag-gen.tex:\startmessages  english  library: systems
spec-ini.tex:\startmessages  english  library: specials
spec-ini.tex:\startmessages  english  library: interactions
symb-ini.tex:\startmessages  english  library: symbols
x-set-11.tex:\startmessages  english  library: setup
> I have a several questions (if it's isn't annoying :)
> 1. Is there a common rule of what tags to translate?
> 2. What the meaning of cont-xx.xml and keys-xx.xml?
these define the user interface; the english one is used to generate the 
other interface xml files using the data in teh mult-* files
> 3. Some terms are unclear. How can I know the meaning of them (e.g.
> "quote" and "quotation", "intermezzo", "hfactor") in ConTeXt context
> :)  ?
ah, so you want a russian interface too? nice. mult-* files are the 
place to look; best work with copies of those files
> 4. "setupbodyfont" -- spaces in translation must be omitted also?
in the commands indeed; btw, maybe it's best to wait with translating 
the user intercace (commands) till we have th utf enabled pdftex (later 
this year) so that we can use cyrillic in commands

messages already accept utf8
> 5. How can I test my translation in my environment first?

  texexec --make --all --fast en 


  texexec --make --all --fast --int=de en 

at the screen you can see that the messages get translated 

(i just saw that for french some translations are missing, i.e. the title: ones) 


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