[dev-context] CSV, alpha 2 ;)

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Thu Jul 13 04:56:46 CEST 2006

>    \usemodule         % interface defined in XML
>         [mod-00]
>    \complexloadsetups % syntax definition
>         [m-database.xml]
> do not work for me (\complexloadsetups is and undefined command).

Which version of ConTeXt?

from x-set-11.tex:


or from Hans's email (I just wanted to tell you that you might
probably want to use the same command for documenting your module):




and you can use \loadsetups[m-database.xml]

> For the bib module docs I have used a hack that goes like this:
>    \usemodule[int-load] % preload \loadsetups command
>    \def\loadsetups{}    % disable loading cont-en.xml

Thanks for this one! (I just wanted to ask how to prevent lenghty
loading of cont-en.)
I don't understand why I have to do two other things tow prevent
something, but since it's a new functionality anyway: would it by any
chance be possible that it would't load the cont-eni.xml by default
when using [complex]loadsetups?

>    \usemodule[mod-01]
>    \startXMLmapping[zero]
>    \processXMLfilegrouped{t-bib.xml}
>    \stopXMLmapping

Apart from loading the first module that should be the same.

> It seems this part of the core needs a minor extension to make it easier
> to document modules (but it may be that you have that already :))

It should be in ConTeXt already.

> > There are still some bugs appearing (problems with UTF were introduced
> > recently); a funny thing is also that if I redefine the font encoding
> > to be EC instead of texnansi (I don't understand why texnansi is used
> > by deafault, but I don't really mind), the resulting characters in
> > "Taco's mode" are different (wrong in both cases anyway). "Hans's
> > mode" doesn't compile if utf-8 characters are present.
> In "my mode", this is because of the \convertargument. Hans, is
> there an easy way that I can detokenize only the characters < 128 ?

> > And if you manage to figure out what's going wrong with
> >     \showsetups{startseparatedlistname}
> This one should be defined as:
> <cd:command name="separatedlistname" type="environment" generated="yes">
>    <cd:sequence>
>      <cd:variable value="separatedlistname"/>
>    </cd:sequence>
> </cd:command>

Thanks. It might make sense (but also most commands in cont-eni.xml
should be fixed then as well - I followed the pattern from there). I
still don't get the setups shown, but ...

> But somehow \showsetup{separatedlistname} doesn't output anything,
> so it is not entirely your fault (AFAICS). Maybe typesetting is
> triggered by the presence of an argument?
> >     \showsetups{processseparatedfile}
> Use the singular: \showsetup

Thanks. But no luck either. I'll play a bit more.

> > and with the very last example with TSV, I would be very grateful as
> You have a missing comma after the 'last=' entry.

Thanks. Such a stupid mistake!


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