[dev-context] new mp feature

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Jun 14 20:54:19 CEST 2006


In order to make sure that Mojca will not enter stress mode due to her 
gnuplot commitments, and also to give other textext users a way out, we 
now have a new feature: texts processed inside the tex run. (yet to be 
tested in intermediate runs, but in the future we may stick to runtime 
completely (experiments with persitent mp runs are pretty promissing).

Attached is a test file. The interesting thing is that one can now have 
arbitrary content in a mp textext (different name btw). Beware: the 
current context is used so one needs to feed specific settings using the 
mp environment or else. Normally this is no big problem.

I may change the name of \sometxt (not sure yet). There is some trickery 
involved in expanding the \sometxt and it took me a while to figure out 
a good way to make the text manipuletable by mp in the usual way while 
still keeping the real thing inside tex. It may learn you a few tricks -)

I'm currently uploading the release (beta) that supports this (plus A's 
static graphics in disguise)


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