[dev-context] stijlbijdrage

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Tue Mar 14 09:48:03 CET 2006

Geert Stappers wrote:
>>>so, best is to create an entry in the wiki on the third party page  
>>>and then announce it; after that people from the dev team will pick  
>>>it up and check the file for (for instance) low level dependencies  
>>>and such
>>I created an account as hansm on the ContextGardenWiki and have  
>>uploaded file cdcase.tex.
>>Probably that is the correct procedure?

(I am speaking for Patrick now, who seems to be otherwise occupied at 
the moment.)

The 'third party modules' (http://modules.contextgarden.net ) is a part
of the contextgarden collection, but not part of the wiki as such (there
are a number of services running at contextgarden.net, and the wiki is
just the most visible of them.

AFAIK, the modules section is still missing a nice upload/submit form, 
so the way to get something up there is to ask Patrick in person
(by email or on this list). I think i remember plans for a more
automated system a la the CTAN upload form, but have not heard anything
more about that in a while.

Cheers, Taco

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