[dev-context] bfm math bug?

Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Fri Feb 17 01:43:25 CET 2006

compare the following formulae with your favourite working bold math 
setup (confirmed with CM, Iwona, Lucida here):

\startformula   % this works
\sin{\frac{{\bfm \pi}}{2}}=\sqrt{\bfm2}
\startformula   % this doesn't
\sin{\frac{{\bfm \pi}}{2}}=\sqrt{2}
% \startformula % this crashes
% \sin{\frac{\bfm \pi}{2}}=\sqrt{2}
% \stopformula

I can't claim to know about all the family magic that goes on behind the 
scenes with bold math, but I'm fairly confident I can configure things 
properly. Smells like a bug.

In other news, these will make bold numbers, if you need them:
\definemathcharacter [48]   [nothing] [mr] ["30]
\definemathcharacter [49]   [nothing] [mr] ["31]
\definemathcharacter [50]   [nothing] [mr] ["32]
\definemathcharacter [51]   [nothing] [mr] ["33]
\definemathcharacter [52]   [nothing] [mr] ["34]
\definemathcharacter [53]   [nothing] [mr] ["35]
\definemathcharacter [54]   [nothing] [mr] ["36]
\definemathcharacter [55]   [nothing] [mr] ["37]
\definemathcharacter [56]   [nothing] [mr] ["38]
\definemathcharacter [57]   [nothing] [mr] ["39]

Again, checked on my limited test cases and knowledge of mathematics. 
I'm sure there will be unanticipated side effects.
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