[dev-context] How to help ConTeXt?

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 12:37:51 CET 2006

> Hi Junod,
> This is more for Patrick, I think. A backup/mirror of the
> contextgarden stuff may be a good idea
> My server (http://context.aanhet.net, holland) hosts a mirror of
> the pragma-ade site and the subversion manual repository, and I
> do not see a lot of traffic from that (less than 1GB / month).
> There is also Patrick's mirror at http://mirror.contextgarden.net
> (germany), so my guess is that the pragma site is nicely covered
> (within west-europe, at least).
> Cheers, taco

Perhaps a CPU/bandwidth donation could be used to combine the newly
prepared archive of old ConTeXt files with "ConTeXt live" to get the
benchmark working (repository with test files to be compiled with
different ConTeXt versions), but this would need some man-week(s)
first, not only CPU.


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