[dev-context] ConTeXt GUI & Sample documents

Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Tue Nov 22 12:23:58 CET 2005

Hello Syndicate,

Jérôme Laurens, maker of iTeXMac, is being *very* ambitious for his 2.0
version, and he contacted me for some ideas/contributions on the ConTeXt
side of things.

First, he wanted some sample documents and/or templates. Since every
iTeXMac document is actually a directory, and it is project-based, I was
wondering if there were any folks who had good examples using products/
environments. Yes, I'm keeping my eye on the released manuals. :)

Secondly, he asked which texexec were the best to expose in the GUI. I
came up with this list off the top of my head:

(The engine switches will probably be set on a project level, he said,
and --pdfarrange and the like would probably be exposed in another GUI

Is there anything else really compelling to expose in a GUI?

Hans, he also has the ability to point at different source trees on a
preference and project basis. I will look at the minimal trees, to see
what needs to be done to support them within his framework.

Mac users can take a look at the rough but promising project here:
(currently iTeXMac2 preview8)
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