[dev-context] Re: Some more thoughts on this Wiki-sabotage problem....

Patrick Gundlach patrick at gundla.ch
Mon Oct 10 11:15:32 CEST 2005

Hello out there,

> It occurs to me that the reason my "URGENT" emails haven't had any
> response from the Wiki administrators is that you're all in Europe,
> and probably in bed asleep right now!  

Well, not quite. I didn't respond, because I came back from a party,
and I promised not to write _any_ email after a party... But as you
have seen, I have tried to revert some changes (but obviously missed
some that you fixed). 

> What, other than firefighting, is the right way to deal with this in
> the future?  

When I woke up this morning, I thought that I can just reinstall a
database backup from the day before the attack started. This would
make any of our reverting lost, but also the spam. Was there any
'good' change in the wiki since the last few days? I guess, no.

> be to add invisible links to the end of the Wiki pages, and the
> text-deletion seems merely a side-effect of very badly-programmed
> bots.

Actually, I think that the page deletion is part of the game. I have
no clue what to do with the spamming. So far it was quite ok to remove
the spamming by hand. But this is beyond manual work that can be done
in a minute or two. I could make only logged-in users change pages and
validate the email address or approve new users by hand. But this,
IMO, violates the principal that makes the wiki so efficient. 

I'll (try to) update the mediawiki software today and let's see what
it can do. I'll come back to you, Brooks.

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