[dev-context] URGENT AGAIN: He's back!

Brooks Moses bmoses at stanford.edu
Mon Oct 10 09:14:19 CEST 2005

At 11:48 PM 10/9/2005, Taco Hoekwater wrote:
>Brooks Moses wrote:
>>Our spammer has returned.
>You have to wonder why people think this is funny.

Indeed.  I actually suspect that he doesn't -- I suspect he's being paid 
(or has some other reason) to be trying to improve the pagerank of those 
particular websites in Google.  Which he is doing by putting links to them 
on Wikis -- in a way that, if his bots weren't buggy and thus didn't delete 
the page content half the time, and if nobody looked at the "recent 
changes" log, would be completely invisible until the next time someone 
edited the page.

Incidentally, on reverting the changes -- the trick is to notice whether 
his change has a section name as its changelog entry.  If it does, then the 
reverted page will include _only_ that section if you use the usual 
reversion method, and you'll have to go to extra effort to recover the rest.

At this point, the easiest way to fix those is probably to let me do it, 
because I took the precaution of pre-loading "edit" pages for all the 
potentially-affected pages (luckily, our spammer is hitting the same pages 
over and over, rather than going for variety), so all I have to do is hit 
"save changes".  :)

- Brooks

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