[dev-context] Re: Wiki Text Problems.

Patrick Gundlach patrick at gundla.ch
Tue Sep 6 17:29:12 CEST 2005


> Hm, do you have your percentages linked to page refreshes?

I don't know. I use awstats. Never botherd to find out how the
percentage is calculated.

> I'm betting that 85% of your page hits is from just a few
> people reloading the 'Recent Changes', and that those people
> just happen to be either Linux or MacOSX based.

Right. I guess that the 85% are Adam, Brooks, Henning, Mojca, you and
I (...) :-) Seriously: I just wanted to point out that I think that the
number of IE users are > 1% and therefore I don't want to break IE
support too much. I don't care if it is 15% or 70%. And I don't really
care about web statistics at all. 


(did I say 'highly inaccurate'?)
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