[dev-context] Re: Wiki Text Problems.

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 16:15:53 CEST 2005

Patrick Gundlach wrote:
> Hi,
> > Of course, Patrick could keep on using PNG transparancy with a
> > "IE renders this page badly, please upgrade to a decent browser"
> > remark in the side bar. I certainly wouldn't mind, but I'm not
> > sure how many of the reader potential of the wiki are IE based.

A very dirty trick (and expensive as well, not worth the effort in my
opinion) would be to render both pictures and show the opaque one if
IE is detected.

> I don't like this kind of user education. Even though I fully agree
> that IE is stupid most of the time, I try to be > 98% compatible with
> the users' browsers. My highly inaccurate statistic says that 15% use
> IE.

15??? Forget the Linux users + Programmers (which often coincide with
the first group) + universities and calculate the average again. I
haven't seen any computer yet from people outside the "informatics"
with a "decent browser" installed. It's true that they are mostly not
interested in ConTeXt, but who knows ...

I just came from a summer school with "bioinformatics" being one of
the topics covered (and also present in the title). The computers used
there were enviably well configured/protected, but ... no decent
browser and no way to install one.

And, Taco, thanks for info. I never use gif (I'm not good in making
animations and don't have proper tools anyway), I even (mis)use png
for storing photos; I just see people using gif for photos and jpg for
two-color logos.


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