[dev-context] Euro-letter encoding (was: Dense Encoding)

Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Mon Aug 22 18:32:14 CEST 2005

Adam Lindsay said this at Mon, 22 Aug 2005 00:59:30 +0100:

>So with that in mind, I present euro-letters:
> <http://homepage.mac.com/atl/tex/euro-letter.pdf>
> <http://homepage.mac.com/atl/tex/euro-letter.zip>

Okay, I did some further tests, and noticed that the following should be
added to enco-cas:

\defineULcharacter Ccedilla ccedilla
\defineULcharacter Gcedilla gcedilla
\defineULcharacter Scommaaccent scommaaccent
\defineULcharacter Tcommaaccent tcommaaccent

\defineULcharacter Thorn thorn
\defineULcharacter Eth eth
\defineULcharacter Lslash lslash
\defineULcharacter Ntilde ntilde

\defineULcharacter Yacute yacute
\defineULcharacter Ygrave ygrave

Here's one for the TeXperts: do I need to move things around so that
there's no letter in slot 0? I just got reminded of the \lccode rules
thanks to Lars's posting on the .etx format. 

Also, is an endash more desirable in slot 32 than the current quotesinglebase?


(example test)
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