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Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Sat Aug 20 18:32:29 CEST 2005

Adam Lindsay said this at Sat, 20 Aug 2005 16:22:25 +0100:

>I'm rearranging the layout now, and should
>have another prototype on the list soon...

Okay, my daughter stayed asleep for long enough for me to get this out...


From the attached file:

This is a new (2005) encoding optimised for text usage in a Unicode 
world. It eschews all accents for as many fully formed glyphs as
possible. It sets aside all punctuation that is: 
 1) not part of a typical text flow,
 2) normally an escaped TeX character,
 3) mathematical or monetary/trade in nature, or
 4) not typically governed by ligatures or kerns.
The primary goal is to gain a complete set of latin letters for as 
many European languages as possible. It adds Latvian, Lithuanian,
Romanian, Maltese, Cornish, and Welsh to the linguistic repertoire
covered by the EC encoding. It also improves Balkan language support
by correctly distinguishing /Eth from /Dcroat.

This encoding will have obvious problems on most old, 256-character
fonts. It is intended for `wide' Unicode fonts, such as Gentium, Minion, 
Myriad, modern Lucida implementations (such as Lucida Grande), and Latin

Comments (especially on layout) welcome!

Taco, if you need the /cwm in there, what would you sacrifice?
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