[dev-context] Re: Dense Encoding - Comments wanted

Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Fri Aug 19 15:07:29 CEST 2005

Patrick, thanks for the diff. 

Taco Hoekwater said this at Fri, 19 Aug 2005 14:45:26 +0200:

>Patrick Gundlach wrote:
>> btw., since you took ec as a starting point:
>> in ec, but not in dense 
>> ["grave",  "acute",  "circumflex",  "tilde",  "dieresis",
>>  "hungarumlaut",  "ring",  "caron",  "breve",  "macron",
>>  "dotaccent",  "cedilla",  "ogonek",
>these are combinable accents


>>  "guilsinglleft",
>>  "guilsinglright",
>why are these out when their "double" companions are still in?

As Hans pointed out to me, the single ones aren't really used
typographically, as far as ConTeXt is concerned.

>>  "cwm",
>I've asked for the compound word marker to return, but: for proper
>URL  names (almost) all of ascii is needed, including a number of
>the ones that were dropped already, like "percent", "plus" and 
>Adding all of those chars would revert the encoding back towards
>EC quite a bit, so maybe we'd better switch to texnansi for URLs
>anyway. That means cwm is not immediately needed, either

Ah, hmm. A point I hadn't really considered.
I've considered using TeX 'n' ANSI as the "companion" font anyway, so
that is very plausible as a workaround.

>>  "zeroinferior",
>what a weird thing is this, anyway?

I think it's there to help compose a perthousand/permyriad symbol.

>>  "dotlessj",
>was needed for combinable accents

especially for math...

>>  "visualspace",
>only relevant in special verbatims, as used by DEK. ;-)
>>  "quotedbl",  "numbersign",  "dollar",  "percent",
>>  "ampersand",  "asterisk",  "plus",  "less",
>>  "greater",  "backslash",  "asciicircum",
>>  "underscore",   "braceleft",  "bar",  "braceright",
>>  "asciitilde",
>ascii symbols
>>  "Ng",
> >  "ng",
>That's the letter Eng, used in sami (and in phonetics). Useless
>since the rest of the sami letters are not included.


>>  "Tcedilla",

I investigated it, and Tcedilla is really a mislabeled Tcommaaccent.

>>  "IJ",
> >  "ij",
>Hey, That's dutch! :-)


>Officially it is a "digraph with casing hint" or so, and not really
>part of the alphabet. But otoh, we are supposed to type "IJsland"
>instead of "Ijsland" (iceland), and it is an official character in

I asked Hans. He didn't want it, didn't use it, and thought it was ugly.
Beauty over truth. :)

>>  "dbar",
>wasn't this something technical?

I thought it was a mis-labeled dcroat.
(However, these names within fonts are awfully fluid. I wouldn't call it
that for the stroked-d in Vietnamese, but that seems to be what the
Adobe Glyph List favors.)

>>  "section",
>>  "tquoteright",

oops. I think I accommodated the LM glyph names a little too much. Thanks.

>>  "tcedilla",

as above.

>>  "sterling",
>to be replaced by "euro" ;-)

not any time soon, mate. :)

>>  "Germandbls"
>That is the "SS" right? Is was needed to make \uppercase{stra/e} work,
>but I doubt that is correct (because it really isn't a single character)

That was my view on it.
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