[dev-context] encodings

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 15:47:03 CEST 2005

Hans Hagen:
> Hi,
> This encoding mess ... somehow i got the feeling that we should start
> shipping proper tfm files, i.e.
> texnansi
> ec
> qx
> char (adam's new one)
> ecx  (mojcs's fixed ec)

I don't need any fixed ec. Ec is just fine (glyph names are to be
corrected though), the problem was that the ConTeXt definitions for it
were wrong (one of the wrong seven names for dstroke, dmacron, was
mapped to the glyph, while dstroke remained undefined, but if you
applied the patch, it should work OK again).

If I would add something, this would be the support for xl2 encoding,
which is really useful for Central European languages (100% compatible
with Latin2 encoding; il2 is something extremely similar, but there
are at least two glyphs from latin2 regime missing in it - exactly the
ones that I need).

> I can probably convince te polish font guys and we need a similar named
> set (generated of copied) for the abotu 15 free fonts on tex live.
> There is no point is keeping in tune with old stuff and
> latex-needs-it-this-way-so-we-cannot-fix-it situation. It's taking too
> much time.
> (Comparable with the patterns mess, i now just ship them).
> In the end we can set up a project that maintains these sets.

I have absolutely no knowledge in this area yet (I've always hated
fonts in [whatever]TeX), but I love the idea. ConTeXt would grow
because of it, but if there's no other way to ask for changes ... it's
probably only a matter of time when people will switch from LaTeX to
ConTeXt if LaTeX will continue to be developed so effectively (MikTeX
hasn't been updated for two months now, grrr ...).


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