[dev-context] kpse

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Aug 16 10:44:59 CEST 2005


The latest distribution has an experimental ruby kpse class in 
kpsefast.rb (expects updates -). As far as i can measure it's not slower 
than native kpse and once loaded in a ruby prog it's faster of than 
reinvoking kpse each time;  it can (optionaly) dump the database in a 
home/temp path which halves loading time. I will probably use this 
mechanism in the coming texexec/texutil (maybe also in texmfstart).

The associated variant of kpsewhich is 'tmftools' (no help yet). Apart 
from basic kpsewhich  functionality  it will harbor more tree tools.

texmfstart tfmtools --analyze --root=/whatever/tex

texmfstart tfmtools --analyze --root=/whatever/tex 

can be very instructive on duplicate files on your machine and point you 
to problems. It has a --delete option which can be used as follows

texmfstart tfmtools --analyze --root=/whatever/tex  --delete 

this will remove dups in texmf-local (to be sure, one needs to pass 
--force as well)


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