[dev-context] distro zips

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Jul 29 17:17:40 CEST 2005

Taco Hoekwater wrote:

> Hi Hans (and others),
> I've been playing with the linuxtex.zip today, and I've noticed
> some things that may or may not be interesting to you:
> * it would be better to use tar.bz2 archives (instead of zip).
>   The archive would be quite a bit smaller, and the file permissions
>   would remain unaltered (so that the exes are actually executable
>   after extraction).

i'll look into it (when i played with it long ago it was so slow ... -)

> * the binaries can be stripped to gain some 1.6 megabytes of
>   compressed size (4 mb uncompressed):

interesting, can you also propose that on the tex live list?

>   51 files, 3091342 bytes uncompressed, 1473221 bytes compressed
>   vs.
>   51 files, 7230683 bytes uncompressed, 3068044 bytes compressed
> * cm-super is still included, but should be obsolete now thanks
>   to latin-modern, right?

i'll check it, we still need part of cmsuper (cyrillic)

> * likewise for the cs/pl/vnr metrics.

indeed, these can go

> * perhaps this is even true for the CM pfb files?

that is, the non-math ones; we can even consider copying the cm math 
ones to lmmath ones, but then we need to coordinate that with jacko and 
sebastian (we discussed it at bachotek)

> * the executables that are included are a bit old (pdfetex 1.21a,
>   mpost 0.641).

yeah ... i'm dependent

> * And of course the 64bit version has no executables at all.
> Does it make sense for me to (attempt to) clean this up, or would my
> changes get lost soon anyway? Perhaps me or someone else can even
> start maintaining these files for you (using a project on FP's SVN
> server)?

It would be great if there was a place where i could fetch the linux 

The rest of the files, i first need to clean up here since i generate 
them with scripts and it should be synced with other things; after that 
we can indeed consider setting up a context specific texmf repository at 
fp's svn so that others can maintain specific parts (fonts, binaries, etc);


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