[dev-context] Wishlist / Tracker

Brooks Moses bmoses at stanford.edu
Mon May 30 23:56:50 CEST 2005

At 02:14 PM 5/30/2005, Hans Hagen wrote:
>Brooks Moses wrote:
>>happy with it.  Part of my joy with it is because it's the first proper 
>>version-control software I've used (well, ok, I tried cvs once, but 
>>didn't get enough out of it to make it worth the bother), but it does 
>>work exceptionally well at doing what I need -- namely, providing a 
>>simple repository that I can use to synchronize working directories 
>>between various computers with a minimum of bother, allowing me to back 
>>up things with nearly zero trouble, and allowing me to occasionally 
>>revert things to previous versions.
>do you have any experience with sychronizing two repositories?

Not as such, no, though if it would be valuable I could look into it and 
report back.  What sort of synchronization, exactly, are you thinking of?

The closest I've come to doing that was replicating my primary repository 
onto a local-disk repository, using that for a week or so while I was away 
from an internet connection, and then splitting off the new commits and 
feeding them onto the end of the primary repository.  That turned out to be 
relatively straightforward in both directions, but it's a bit simpler than 
a general-purpose synchronization.

- Brooks

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