[dev-context] Re: Wishlist / Tracker

Patrick Gundlach patrick at gundla.ch
Mon May 30 15:51:58 CEST 2005


> I’d suggest looking into all the current alternatives to CVS before
> deciding on one.  Subversion is considered to be nothing but a
> ill-thought-through upgrade to CVS by the people who know what they’re
> talking about.

It seems that we don't need a cvs-like software at all. (?)

>>From a users’s perspective, GForge is less than optimal.  At least from
> my perspective as a user.  It’s trackers are hard to use and hard to
> manage (and plain ugly to look at - heck, bugzilla’s even prettier).
> I don’t see a problem with SQLite, but I may not be seeing the whole
> picture.  Multiple project support would be nice, though,

I agree that the tracking at gforge is ugly. But if we only need a
bugtracker and/or feature request tracker, I'd rather hack it myself
and not have $SOFTWARE with $EVIL_DEPENDENCIES installed. (Example:
Trac needs swig version < 1.3.22, I have 1.3.24 installed.)


(in $MOOD :-) )

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