[dev-context] cont-xx.xml constant = type / name

Patrick Gundlach patrick at gundla.ch
Tue Dec 7 01:18:54 CET 2004


in cont-en.xml we have

      <cd:constant type="middle"/>
      <cd:constant type="..."/>
      <cd:constant type="12pt"/>
      <cd:constant type="default"/>

as well as

      <cd:constant type="cd:dimension"/>

IMO this should be something like

      <cd:constant name="middle"/>
      <cd:constant name="..."/>
      <cd:constant name="12pt"/>
      <cd:constant name="default"/>

and keep

      <cd:constant type="cd:dimension"/>

Which would be semantically more sensible. dimension is a "type" but
middle is more a "name". But I don't know if its worth any trouble.

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