[dev-context] Re: interface xml files / ctxtools

h h extern pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Dec 7 00:31:49 CET 2004

Patrick Gundlach wrote:

>>one = "texexec --make --alone --all #{interface}"
>>two = "texexec --batch --silent --interface=#{interface} x-set-01"
> even when I run these commands on the command line by themself, they
> fail, because x-set-01.tex is not found by texexec. Somehow it doesn't
> use kpathsea for finding it.

this is because texexec looks for the file on the given path; try --global to 
bypass this test

> (PS: anybody interested in a kpathsea.rb as an interface for libkpathsea?)

sure, we should start building


kind of libraries; i once did it with xpdf and swig (the most complex thing is 
to properly map non standard types (classes) to normal ones (like string);


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