[dev-context] Re: symb-uni.tex (was: degree sign)

Duncan Hothersall dh at capdm.com
Wed Nov 24 11:31:01 CET 2004

Maybe the dev list is a better place for this follow-up.

I'm trying to understand
(a) what exactly the task is to create the maths vectors, and
(b) what is really going on with the degree sign.

Taking (b) first...

Looking in unic-000.tex (the degree sign is #00B0 = char 176 in vector
0) I see two vector definitions. Does the second supersede the first or
are both needed?

Looking at the second vector definition, it starts at char 159 and so
looking down to position 176 there appears to be the correct code -
namely \textdegree. This presumably explains why it appears correctly in
running text in my sample posted to the ConTeXt list. But why does it
not work in the XMLdata section? Is it the case that there is another
unicode processing system for data being processed as XML? Is this where
the fix is required?

As to question (a) - for example what exactly should I put into, say
unic-034.tex to denote #222A (character 42 in vector 34) as \cup? Do I
need two \startunicodevector commands? Or do i just do

\startunicodevector 34
	\unknownchar	\or
	... [repeat 41 times] ...
	\cup	\or


Sorry if this betrays a lack of understanding. Look forward to


Adam Lindsay (23/11/2004 13:42) said:
>>Duncan Hothersall wrote:
>>>I have been searching in the base files but can't see the hook. Can 
>>>anyone point me in the right direction to fix this? Thanks.
>>we (you -) need to define unic-*.tex vectors for the math ranges,
> The attached symbol file might be a place to start.
> (didn't bother with list, cos file's to big)

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