[dev-context] Re: fontdimen trickery

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Nov 8 10:34:47 CET 2004


I uploaded a beta zip


This zip has the following new things:

- s bunch of x-set-*.tex files that will replace setup*.tex files
- cont-en.xml as base interface file
- keys-*.xml and cont-*.xml files

Until now, the interface xml files were generated, but pretty soon we sill start 
using the xml files as starting point instead of setupb.tex.

This means that we need to generate the other interface files

   texexec --int=nl x-set-01

generated a key file, keys-nl.xml that kan be used to convert cont-en.xml into 
cont-nl.xml. This is done by:

   texmfstart ctxtools.rb --translate nl

A quick reference document can be generated by:

   texexec --int=nl x-set-12 --pdf --result=setup-nl.pdf

So, the question for patrick & taco is: can they live with this? I will still 
distribute all the xml files, (now under the interface subpath).

I also added a (not checked, script generated) file attribute in cd:command.

The next step is to fix a couple of thing in the cont-en.xlm file and start 
enhancing the base cont-en.xml file. After that we can start working on 
auxiliary files that provide

- generic descriptions of constants and variables (parameters and keywords)
- explanations of commands, including index entries

(could be maintaned in the wiki), as well as,

- additional descriptions and examples, comments, bug stuff, etc; these things
come from the wiki


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