[dev-context] Alpha (now main) -> changes

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Thu Oct 7 14:56:49 CEST 2004

Hans and others,

I really believe this is an error:
- context.tex: contextversion is now 2004.06.10  (that would be june 10 !)

- What happened there?

General stuff:
- There are a lot of fixes to the inline documentation (dutch-> english), a number
  of commented out sections are finally removed, some minor ML fixes, and a 
  few locations where \the\uccode should/could have been plain \uccode. And
  some XML (FO) things have changed yet again but I can't be bothered to list 

For the rest, here we go:
- context.properties: adds xsl extension
- texexec.pl: <context-directive> additional 'module' attribute,
  a bugfix in the interface chooser, and xetex support.
- textools.rb: two new private actions: 
- xmltools.rb: file existance paranoia added (?)
- switch.rb:  recursive file globbing added
- colo-hex.tex: support for xetex hex colors
- context.tex: contextversion is now 2004.06.10
- cont-fil.tex:  new file synonym 'exi-interface'
- cont-new.tex: some XML tricks added
- cont-usr.ori: support for catalan language
- core-new.tex: eol magic in 'setups'
- core-not.tex: footnote extension/bugfix
- lang-ita.tex: catalan support
- math-ini.tex: active characters bugfix
- m-chart.tex: major cleanup, perhaps new functionality as well
- page-mar.tex: "\vadjust pre" no longer used, Omega support
- page-not.tex: footnote fix in columns
- spec-fdf.tex : \flushFDFnames fixed
- spec-xtx.tex: new specials, for xetex
- x-mathml.tex: {\start,\stop}XMLinlinemath removed

As usual, i may have missed and/or misinterpreted some. I will do
a 'Release Notes' diff set eventually, but I'd rather wait for the version
number to be corrected :-)



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